MS Teams

Integrating MS Teams is very easy to do. ​

Setting up Integration

In MS Teams

  1. Create a Class.

In Codio

  1. Go to the LTI/LMS area in the course you wish to integrate to MsTeams Classroom.

  2. Select Connect to MsTeams and authenticate to your MSTeams account.

Connect to MSTeams
  1. When authenticated you will be redirected to the Classes List page and will see a list of your MSTeams Classes.

  2. Select Connect Class button for the class you wish to connect your Codio course to. ​

Connect to Codio

Your Codio Course is now integrated with your MSTeams Class.

Authentication and account creation

  1. To add students/teachers see Users account creation


If assignments/modules are added/removed in the Codio Course, to update to your MSTeams Classroom:

  1. Go to the LTI/LMS area in the course

  2. Select Update MsTeams to update


Be aware that this may change the ordering of the assignments in your MSTeam assignment tabs and if new are assignments added, they will added to the end of the Assignments list. There is currently no function in MSTeams to allow you to reorder the assignments manually.


  1. To remove the integration link between Codio and your MSTeam Classroom ​

  • Go to the LTI/LMS area in the course

  • Select Remove MsTeams to update


Removing the integration link will mean students will not be able to access any of their assignments any longer from MSTeam Classroom.