Virtual CoachΒΆ

The Virtual Coach can help you understand the error messages you have received, gain a better understanding of the assignment prompt, or receive a hint about the next possible steps.

To open Virtual Coach, click the Chatbot icon at the bottom-right corner of the screen. This icon will only be available if your teachers enable this feature.

ChatBot icon at the bottom left corner

When you open Virtual Coach, you will see up to three options depending on the settings applied. If there is no guide in the assignment, only error message augmentation will be available.

ChatBot window with three options
  • Summarize what I need to do: This option summarizes the text in the guide on the page and provides you with an enumerated set of steps.

Summary of the assessment by chatbot
  • Explain an error: Provides detailed explanations of error messages. After clicking this option, you must paste in the error message text you wish to have explained

Explain an error by chatbot
  • Provide a hint on what to do next: Provides you with ideas for the next steps you can take to complete your assignment.

Hint option by chatbot

Note: You can resize the chatbot window by dragging the circle that appears at the top left corner.