Code Playback

Use the Code Playback feature to generate a file and review how you built the code. To build the file, click Tools > Code Playback on the menu bar, or right-click the opened file and choose Code Playback.

The file that is currently active is built and displayed. To review other files or search for files, expand the folders in the left navigation pane, right-click the file name and choose Code Playback.

  • To watch the code being built, click the Play button. Click Pause to stop playback.

  • To change the playback speed, click the Speed drop-down menu and choose the speed in number of changes per second.

  • To manually walk through the changes, click the Previous change and Next change buttons. You can drag the playback slider to find points of interest.

  • You can also see more detailed behavior insights by selecting Education > Behavioral Player from the menu.

Retrieving deleted files

If you delete a file in error, you can use Code Playback to find the file and recreate it. Follow these steps to retrieve a deleted file:

  1. Open the assignment and click Tools > Code Playback.

  2. Click the Folder icon and select the file that you want to recover.

  3. Review the file and see how it was built by clicking the Play icon.

    You can find your last saved work by clicking on Previous, Play/Pause, and Next icons, or by dragging the timeline bar.

  4. Copy the code from the playback and paste it into a new file.


If you don’t see Tools > Code Playback on the menu bar, right-click a tab or in the file tree, and choose Code Playback.