Pay for Codio Subscription

If your institution isn’t providing access to Codio for you, you can purchase a subscription plan that gives you access to your courses for the semester. You can pay for your subscription using Settings > Billing menu. The procedure you follow depends on whether you are paying for the subscription yourself or redeeming a code for a subscription that was obtained from your campus bookstore.

You can also cancel your subscription from this page. If the plan is for one or two semesters, there is no need to cancel the subscription. When your class ends, only the payment for the class is charged.


A single subscription can be used for multiple courses in Codio during the specified timeframe.

Individual billing

If you are paying for your subscription yourself, follow these steps:

  1. Click your user name or gravatar in the lower portion of the navigation pane to open the Settings page.

    User Profile
  2. Click the Billing tab and choose a Plan and Payment Method.


    You can also view your payment history.

Redeeming code from campus bookstore

Some institutions provide Codio licenses through their campus bookstore. Your course instructor or course syllabus will specify if this is available at your school.

A single license can be used for a specified timeframe: 1 semester (5 months), 2 semesters (10 months), or a year. Specific license options depend on your local bookstore.

To obtain and activate a license from your campus bookstore, follow these steps:

  1. Request one of the following subscriptions from your campus bookstore:

    • 1 Semester - Codio 1-Semester Subscription - ISBN: 978-1-7331872-5-1

    • 2 Semesters - Codio 2 Semester Subscription ISBN 978-1-73331872-8-2

    • Annual - Codio Annual Subscription ISBN # 978-1-7331872-1-3

    The bookstore will give you a code to redeem and activate your subscription for the specified timeframe.

  2. Log in to Codio following the instructions provided by your instructor. This may be through your local LMS (Canvas, Blackboard, Desire2Learn, Moodle, etc.) or through using a course token.

    The first time you log in, a small banner is displayed in the upper portion of the screen requesting that you go to Billing.

  3. Click the link in the banner, or click your User name > Settings > Billing.

  4. From the Plan drop-down, choose Redeem Code and click Upgrade.

  5. Enter the code that was provided to you. Note that the code is case sensitive so enter it exactly as provided to you.

If you have any problems contact us through your Codio account or email us at

Problems setting up a new subscription plan

If you are seeing the message ‘Do not Honor’, then it is likely that your bank is unwilling to accept the transaction but they are not giving the specific reason to our processing company.

You should contact your card issuing bank for more details of the exact reason.

We have heard of a few cases, especially from US banks where they do not allow international transactions by default but when you are able to explain to them what you are looking to do, they usually are able to allow it and you can then subscribe with that card but if they won’t, try a different card.

If you are seeing General error in Cardinal, this error can be caused due to adblockers or cookies being blocked

Please try using another browser or stop your adblocker during the payment process or login to Codio either with a different browser where you don’t have adblockers running or in an incognito/private session. If using incognito session in Chrome, ensure that you are not blocking third-party cookies that is enabled by default now in Chrome

Chrome Incognito