Code CommentingΒΆ

Teachers can also comment on code within students files.

To do this, open the students project and open the file. Hover over the left hand side of the gutter bar and click the + to open the comment window and enter the comments as required. This comment will be visible to the student when they next view the file

Single-line comments on the left files and a multi-line comment on the file on the right

Multiple lines of code can be selected and the teacher can also edit/delete or add additional comments (from the 3 dots to the right of the comment window when the comment is saved) if required.

When actioned by the student, the comment will be marked as resolved but will still be available for review in the Education -> Code Comments menu item or from the Guides settings area.

Guides Code Comments

Students can also go to this to see all comments and click to open the neccessary file.