Exam Mode

If your instructor has enabled exam mode features you may experience the following when taking an exam:

  • Shuffle Question Order - The exam pages or questions are presented in random order to students so everyone’s exams are not identical.

  • Forward Only Navigation - You can only move forward through the pages during the exam, and cannot go back to previous pages. If this option is enabled, you will be advised of this restriction when you start the assignment.

  • Single Login - Once you start the exam and until it is marked as complete, all other account login attempts will be blocked when this option is enabled.

    Before you start the assignment, you will be advised that the exam is restricted to single login. To avoid any issues during the exam, you should ensure that:

    • You have closed all windows or browsers where Codio is opened.

    • You have a stable internet connection.

    • The device is fully charged.

    • You have allotted yourself enough time to complete the assignment.

If you attempt to access the assignment from a different IP address or browser, you will be restricted and advised to contact your course instructor for assistance.

If you attempt to log out of Codio before the assessment is fully completed, a message will be displayed indicating that you will not be able to access the exam again if you continue with logout. If you do log out before completing the exam, contact your instructor to unlock your account.