Share ProjectΒΆ


Please note that Project Sharing via Project > Permissions feature will be disabled on or after July 8th 2024. Any existing projects shared via permission will also be removed.

You can share a project if it is public (Project > Settings > General Settings > Public). To share a project or link to a project from a web page, follow these steps.

  1. Click the Project tab on the menu bar and choose Share.

    Share Project
  2. Click one of the options at the top of the dialog (Twitter, Facebook, Email, or Link) to share the project.

  3. On the Share Your Project dialog, select the option for how you want to embed or link to your project for the IDE to render it:

    • Project URL - Use this URL to display the project with the active panel or opened file configuration. The URL can change depending on what the user has active.

    • Guide URL - Use this URL to display your project with your Guide automatically starting.

    • With Layout - Use this URL if you want to always use the exact panel and file configuration is currently opened. You should use this option if you want to embed it in a log post or page where the exact configuration needs to be retained.

If you prefer to paste the URL for the Project URL and With Layout options, click the link to generate it in Markdown or HTML format and then paste the code.