Language Server Protocol

The Language Server Protocol (LSP) is used to integrate features such as autocomplete, go to definition, and find all references. Currently, Java, OCAML, and Python LSPs are available.

Below is a Python example:


Enable LSP support

To enable enable LSP support, enter the following in your User or Project Preferences:

enable_lsp_support = true

If you are authoring content for use in a course, we recommend enabling LSP in Project Preferences, as these are applied over user preferences.

Install LSP

To install LSPs, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Tools tab and choose Install Software.

  2. Find the relevant component and click the Install icon.

The installation may take a few minutes and you should then Restart your box before proceeding.


Autocomplete is not automatically triggered as in HTML/CSS/JS files. To invoke autocomplete for LSP implemented files, use the following shortcuts:

  • Mac - Shift+Space

  • Others - Ctrl+Space

If you want to change the default preference, see User Preferences.