Code Beautifier

The Code Beautifier feature automatically indents and manages spaces in your code to format it correctly. You apply the Code Beautifier using the shortcut keys, which can be customized in User Preferences.

  • key_format_code = cmd+Shift+B (Mac)

  • key_format_code = Ctrl+Shift+B (PC/Linux)

As an example, if you enter code as follows:

if ('this_is'==/an_example/){of_beautifer();}else{var a=b?(c%d):e[f];}

It transforms to this after applying the Code Beautifier shortcut:

if ('this_is' == /an_example/) {
} else {
    var a = b ? (c % d) : e[f];


The Code Beautifier settings can be found in the [code-beautifier] section of the Codio Preferences. You can also modify these settings in Project Preferences to force beautification to all code, regardless of who edits it.