Starter Packs

Starter Packs offer an easy way to get started using templates of projects that include:

  • A base Ubuntu operating system.

  • A Stack which includes base software dependencies such as databases, languages and other system components (optional).

  • Any code present in your project.

Using Starter Packs, you can organize and share your own packs, or use Codio’s certified packs. If you want additional Starter Packs, you can easily create your own or you can submit a request for Codio to add one for you. Simply email us at with full details and we’ll try to get it added for you.

Follow these steps to view and use a Starter Pack:

  1. In the navigation pane, click Starter Packs.

  2. Click the Certified tab and search for the technology you want to use.

    Certified Starter Packs
  3. Click the Starter Pack and view the full details about the pack.

    Starter Pack Details
  4. Click Use Pack to open the Projects > Create page.

    If you want to create a new Starter Pack, click New Pack. See Create Starter Pack for more information.

  5. Optionally, change the Name or Description and then click Create.