Codio offers an integrated, language specific debugger that supports the following languages.

  • Java

  • Python 2

  • Python 3

  • NodeJS

  • C and C++

  • Deno


Contact us if you would like support for other languages.

Codio provides a Starter Pack project that contains examples of debugger usage. Go to Starter Packs and search for Demo Codio Debugger if not already loaded in your My Projects area. Click Use Pack and then Create to install it to your Codio account.

If you are new to using a debugging tool, we suggest you view this useful video tutorial:


To use the Codio debugger, you must have the GDB component installed. If you installed Java, C, or NodeJS from a stack, the GBD components that support debugging are automatically installed.

However, if you manually installed these languages, you will be prompted to install the GDB component when you attempt to run the debugger. Simply click the link to install the component.