Project SettingsΒΆ

The Settings page within a project includes various options for specifying settings related to the project, including:

  • Project Name and Description

  • Public or Private Project

  • Allow Box Cloning (subscription required)

  • Always-On Box (see Always on Boxes)

  • Allow Private Static Preview. See Preview for more information. This setting is only available from Project > Settings.

  • Protect Dynamic Ports. Enable to restrict preview to the owner of the box; disable to allow preview of the box to anyone who knows the box url. This setting is only available from Project > Settings.

  • Stack Settings - specify current stack and version used in your project.

  • Forwarding Settings - enable SSH forwarding. See Access Codio Box via SSH for more information.

  • Gigaboxes Settings - set this to a larger size if you have a memory intensive project. You must first request a larger box for your organization. Contact to initiate this discussion. If you add your project to a course as an assignment, you need to set the Gigabox usage in the course assignment settings.

You can also perform the following tasks from the project settings:

  • Delete your project.

  • Export the project as a Zip file.

You can access the project settings using one of the following methods:

  • Click the Project tab on the menu bar and choose Settings.

  • In the Dashboard, click the Open Settings icon (gear) from the My Projects list.

Project Settings