Switch Project to New Stack

There are various reasons for switching your project’s stack to a new one, including:

  • When you create a new stack. This is the most important and common use case. If you have modified your stack and then created a new stack (or a new version) from it, you need to point your project to the new stack.

  • If you mistakenly specified the wrong stack when you created the project.

  • If a new stack version has been created and you want to point your project to the latest version.

You can switch a project’s stack from Project > Stack > Settings on the menu bar or from the Settings (gear) icon on the project in the main project listing.

When you switch the stack from Project > Stack > Settings, all stack modifications that were made relative to the original stack are replaced by the new stack. Normally this is fine if you created a new stack from the project before switching it.

Important: When you switch a stack, everything outside the workspace folder in the tree (/home/codio/workspace) is replaced by the new stack. See Stacks for more information.