Math Assessments

Codio allows you to set and grade math questions for any type and level of mathematics using the Free Text assessment. We only offer manual grading of mathematical expressions or proofs.

Manually graded assessments using free text

To create a manually graded math question, you can use the Free text assessment type. This allows the students to enter expressions or even full proofs and worked answers using Latex. For more information about Latex, please click here.

You can enter Latex in the Question and Rationale fields.

You should also set the Preview type drop down to either Plaintext + Latex or Markdown + Latex. Both of these ensure that the student sees a preview pane beneath their answer entry fully rendered in markdown and/or Latex. Please - click here to review the free text assessment.

Multiple choice

You can also use the multiple choice assessment type to create answers containing properly rendered Latex expressions.