Codio Global Assessments Library

The Global Assessments Library is an assessment library to which all Codio users have read-only access. The library contains auto-graded assessment questions that cover a wide variety of topics, difficulties, and assessment types. We are currently populating it with assessments in:

  • Java

  • C / C++

  • Python

  • JavaScript

  • Data Structures (in Java)

All assessments in the global library are auto-graded, contain example solutions and answer explanations for the student, and some include teacher notes to help better convey the intended learning objective of the assessment.

Using the Global Assessments Library

To access the Codio Global Assessments Library, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Assessments button and choose Assessment from the Add from Library area

  2. On the Choose an Assessment to Add dialog, click the Library Name drop-down and choose Codio Main.

  3. You can filter through the different assessments by tags:

    Bloom's Taxonomy
  • Programming language

  • Assessment type (auto-detected)

  • Category (topic-level)

  • Content (sub-topic level)

  • Learning Objective (in SWBAT form - “Students will be able to….”)

  • Bloom’s Taxonomy level

  1. Once you find the question you want to add to your assessment, click Add.

Modify question from Global Assessment Library

If you like a question in the Assessments Library but want to modify it, unlink the question from the library and then modify it for your assignment.

You can then add your new version of the assessment to your organization’s assessment library.