Excluding Files/Folders

To Students

Files/folders may need to be excluded from students assignments. Such files may be unused resources/logs and other files used when testing the assignment prior to publishing.

This can be handled by using .assignmentignore or .unitignore file in the source project and when published to a course, these files/folders will not be available to the students.

Enter on a new line the file/folders to be excluded defining them relative to the location of the .assignmentignore or .unitignore file and defining folders with /

For example if the .assignmentignore or .unitignore file is located in the project workspace and you wish to exclude

  • testing & node_modules folder

  • the file checkscore.js in the views folder

  • the files app.js and README.md

the .assignmentignore or .unitignore file will be


To collaborating teachers

When collaborating with other teachers in Codio, an authorassignmentignore or .authorunitignore file can be used in the same way as the .assignmentignore or .unitignore file above. When a collaborating teacher in the course accesses the published assignment in edit mode, the files/folders included in the file will not be available to them.

If using Desktop App

See Desktop App where .codioignore file is used in the same manner.