Teacher only content

Teacher only content can be viewed by teachers when:


  • If your project is public and a user accesses this project via the public listing of your account they will have access to the solutions.

You can make Guides content available only to course teachers in the following ways:

Setting an entire page as teacher only content

Enable the Teacher Only slider in the layout settings to mark a page as teacher only The page will only appear in the index for teachers.

Setting selected content within a page as teacher only

To hide pieces of information within a page from students enclose the content in |||guidance ….. |||. An example is shown below.

# Solution
This solution will only be shown

- to teachers
- provided the content is published within a assignment
- if you share a project normally or it is public and a student loads it, they have access to this content.


Teacher only content can also be shown to teachers within an assessment question. This allows a questions answer rationale to be shown. Please refer to the assessments section for more details.