Create an Organization Assessments Library

In addition to Codio’s global assessments library, you can create Organization assessments libraries. This allows your faculty to share assessment items with other instructors similar to how you can share Courses within an Organization.

  • Click your name/gravatar, bottom of the left hand pane

    profile icon
  • Click the name of your organization (under Organizations)

  • Click the Assessments Library tab

    Assessment library
  • Click “Create a New Library”

  • Enter the name of the assessments library you want to create and press “Create”

    name library

Read more about assessment libraries here.

Add Collaborators to an Assessments Library

  • Under the Assessments Library tab, click on the library you want to add collaborators to

  • Click on the Permissions tab.

Add Permission: Either type the user name or use the drop down arrow to select an organization member to give permission to. By default, the collaborators are given “Read” permission, meaning they cannot add to or edit assessments in the library. To give a user “Write” permission, simply select the permission level next to their user name in the list.

Read Permission for Teachers: Turning this on allows all Teachers in the organization to have “Read” permission, meaning they cannot add to or edit assessments in the library.

library permissions

Remove: To remove a collaborator, simply press the “Remove” button next to their user name. Please note that is “Read permission for teachers” is turned on, that user may still have read permission if they are still a teacher account and a member of the organization.