LTI 1.3 for Brightspace/D2L

In Brightspace - Register a Tool

The following is created in Manage Extensibility, LTI Advantage - Register a Tool, select Standard. 1. Name - Codio 2. In the Domain field enter -

Access LTI Integration settings in Codio

  1. Go to your organization account settings by clicking on your user name in the bottom left of your dashboard and then selecting your organization within Organizations.

  2. Select the LTI Integrations tab.

  3. Scroll down to the LTI Integration 1.3 section. You should see the following fields. Remain on this screen for the time being.

The LTI 1.3 area of your LTI Integrations settings for your organization.
LTI 1.3 settings in Codio

Copy fields from Codio to Brightspace/D2L

  1. Copy Initiate Login URL to the OpenID Connect Login URL field.

  2. Copy Redirect URL to the Redirect URL field.

  3. Copy Keyset URL to the Keyset URL field.

  4. In the Extensions section enable Assignment and Grader Services, Deep Linking and Names and Role Provisioning Services.

  5. Press Register - leave the pop-up on the screen, you will be copying values from it.

Add the Integration you created

  1. In Codio on the LTI Integrations screen scroll down to the LTI 1.3 Configurations field and click Add Integration

LTI 1.3 Configurations
  1. From the pop-up in Brightspace/D2L copy the Issuer ID and place in the PLATFORM ID field

LTI 1.3 Platform information in Codio

Copy fields from Brightspace/D2L pop-up to Codio

  1. Copy the Client ID to the Client ID field in Codio.

  2. Copy the Keyset URL to Public Keyset URL field.

  3. Copy the Brightspace OAuth2 Access Token URL to the Access Token URL field in Codio

  4. Copy the OpenID Connect Authentication Endpoint to the Authentication Request URL field in Codio

  5. Click on View Deployments and create a New Deployment

  6. In the Tool field select the tool you just created

  7. Name it Codio Deployment or something similar.

  8. In the Security Settings section you need to send at least the Name and the Email if you aren’t choosing to enroll your students anonymously.

  9. Toggle Open as External Resource if you want to open the tool in a new tab, otherwise it will open as an iFrame.

  10. Toggle Grades created by LTI will be included in Final Grade if you are using grades passed from Codio.

  11. Add Org Units as you need for your setup.

  12. Click Create Deployment.

  13. Copy the deployment ID that is generated and paste it into Codio into the Deployment ID field.

  14. Click Create in Codio.

Connect Brightspace/D2L and Codio assignments

The final mapping step needs to be taken for each individual assignment within Codio. It maps a Brightspace/D2L assignment to a Codio assignment.

In Brightspace/D2L

  1. Select the Content tab from the top of the page.

  2. Add a new module in your D2L course.

  3. Select Add Existing Activities

  4. From the list of available LTI links, select the Codio tool you created earlier.

  5. Click on the Codio link to bring up all the Codio courses for which you have enabled LTI.

  6. Select the Codio assignment you want to connect.

LTI Course copy for Brightspace/D2L

Enabling this setting allows existing Codio course content used in your LMS to be copied into a new Codio course and a new course in your LMS. This should be enabled for the courses connected with the “Master” course in your LMS. The parameter will be disabled by default for all copied courses.

First enable LTI Constant URLs for your course.

  1. In your existing Codio course, enable the Enable LTI course copy button, and save your changes

Enable course copy field