Assignment Action Buttons

Additional options are available from the Actions button in the assignment. Access assignment Actions by selecting the Settings icon in the assignment.


Open the Actions menu to see additional buttons that allow you to run a plagiarism check, mark and unmark all assignments as completed, download the assignment grade data, reset student’s work on assignments, re-run an auto-grade script, and release the grades for the assignment.

Actions Button
  • Plagiarism - Click this button to run the Plagiarism Checker. You can also access this from the menu (3 horizontal dots) in the assignment.

  • Mark All As Completed - Click this button to mark all student assignments as completed. Hover over a student name to see the switch appear to the left of the students name.

Mark All As Completed
  • Unmark As Complete - Click this button to clear the Mark All As Complete.

  • Download CSV - Click this button to download a CSV file with student grade data for the assignment. For more information on the data included see Export Assignment Data

  • Reset - Click this button to clear all student work. This option is used when you have updated an assignment in your course and you need to reset it so all student assignments are updated with the new assignment. You can reset assignments using the Action > Reset button, or the menu in the assignment:

Action > Reset Reset Assignment
  • Regrade Completed - Click this button to re-run an auto-grade script after an assignment is marked as completed.

  • Release grades - Toggle this button to ON when you are ready to release grades to students. By default, grades are not shown to students or transferred to the LMS gradebook if you are using LMS integration for a course.