Please be sure to check out the Codio LTI App which allows for an easy way to integrate and to map Codio course assignments to your LMS system. Moodle added support for LTI™ apps in version 2.2. The following page explains how to set up external apps in Moodle.

Setup and configuration


Codio needs the User Role, Email Address and Name of the Moodle user in order to work. It is important that you access the LTI security settings and ensure that these three fields are always enabled. If they are not available, contact Moodle support who can help you enable this. If enabled after you have mapped Codio content to Moodle, you may need to re publish for the changes to be implemented

Video: Connect Moodle to Codio using the LTI Integration URL

Authentication and account creation

To add students/teachers see Users account creation