Mark Assignment as Complete/Uncomplete

An assignment can be marked as complete using one of the following methods:

  • Student marks the assignment as complete from their dashboard.

  • Instructor marks the assignment as complete for the student from the assignment on the Courses dashboard.

  • Instructor marks all assignments as complete for all students from the Actions button on the assignment.

  • If the Assignment Duration feature is enabled, all student assignments are marked as complete as soon as the assignment duration expiration date and time is reached.

  • Mark All As Completed - Click this button to mark all student assignments as completed. Hover over a student name to see the switch appear to the left of the students name.

    Mark All As Completed
  • Unmark As Complete - Click this button to clear the Mark All As Complete.

View When a Student Marks Assignment as Complete

To see when a student marks an assignment as complete, follow one of the two options below depending on if there are assessments in the assignment:

  • If there is an assessment in the assignment: Use the grading dialogue box
    1. Navigate to the assignment in Teach mode.

    2. Click the numerical grade box to open the dialogue.

    3. If there is a time given, that indicates the time the student marked the assignment as complete.

    Mark As Complete Time
  • If there are no assessments in the assignment OR you want to see submission times in one place: Download the CSV
    1. Navigate to the course.

    2. Ensure you are in Teach mode and click the settings gear to the right of the assignment to access Assignment Settings.

    3. Click the Actions button to drop down more options.

    4. Select Download CSV.

Mark As Complete Time with CSV