Assignment Duration

The Assignment Duration setting is used to specify a Start Time and Closing Time for the assignment, and what happens when the Closing Time has been reached. The assignment is disabled until the start date/time and then it is displayed in the student dashboard.

View this video to learn more.

To set the assignment duration, follow these steps:

  1. Open the assignment Settings.

  2. Navigate to the Assignment Duration settings area.

  3. Specify the assignment Start Time and Closing Time:

    • Click the Calendar icon and select the date.

    • Click the Clock icon and select the time.

Note:: The time zone is automatically taken from the Course time zone, if you wish to change to a different time zone click the ‘click here’ link to open the Course Details settings. There you can change the time zone for all the assignments in the course.

  1. Click the On Assignment End drop-down and choose one of the following options to indicate what happens when the Closing Time has been reached:

  2. Click Save Changes.

You can update this setting for multiple assignments in bulk, check out Batch Assignment Update.