Export Course Data

You can export course data (including students workspaces) prior to deleting a course, if you want to retain the data. Follow these steps to delete the course data:

  1. Navigate to the Courses page and select the course to open it.

  2. Click the Admin tab and then click Course Data in the Export section.

    Export Course Data

    All the data from the course is compiled in a .zip file. An email is then sent to you that includes a link to download the course data. The link remains active for 7 days and then the file is removed.

  3. To access the download file within the 7-day period it remains active or to export additional files, click Course Data and click Export to download the file.

    Course Export Links

Export user access data

To export data related to users accessing assignments in the course, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Courses page and select the course to open it.

  2. Click the Admin tab and then click User Access Data in the Export section.

    The following data is exported to a .csv file for download:

    • Username

    • Users registered email address

    • First name

    • Last name

    • Date/time when user logged in

    • Access type (Log In, Log Out, Project Open, Project Close)

    • Assignment name (Book based assignments will report the name of the book)

    • Role in course (Teacher/Student)

    • Project path

    • IP address (IP address associated with login session)


The data is retained for a maximum of 6 months.


PDF Export

Use this to obtain PDF versions of the guides content in your assignments. When selected, a dialog shows allowing you to select the assignments to obtain the PDF version

  • You can select a single PDF where all selected assignments are compiled into one PDF file or to receive a PDF for each selected assignment

  • The link will be active for 7 days and after this time the file will be removed.

See Also:

  • Export LTI Settings to export unit LTI integration URLs.

  • Import Project to import the zipped exported folder to review student workspaces. The exported workspace does not include the stack so you should select the appropriate stack when importing the project or switch the stack in Project > Stack > Settings.