Allow Regrade Request

You can allow students to request for regrade their assignments. This way students can express their concerns about grading outcomes, and teachers can address those concerns transparently, fostering a collaborative learning environment.

To allow regrade request by student, follow these steps:

  1. Open the assignment Settings.

  2. In the Assignment settings, click the Allow Regrade Request by Student.

  3. Click Save Changes.

Regrade request option will be available to students only after their assignments are completed/graded and grades are released.

Once a student requested for regrade, all the teachers in the course will receive an email regarding this. These requests will also appear in the grading queue and on the assignment progress page as well

Regrade request showing on Prograss page

Click on it to open the grading dialog and see the regrade request with the student’s message from the Regrade Request section.

Grade Dialog

From this grading dialog you can:

  • Open the student’s project involved using the Open Project button

  • Override Grade of the student (once you override the grade, the regrade request will be automatically removed)

  • Reject the regrade request with a message for student