Visibility on CompletedΒΆ

The Visibility on Completed setting is used to specify your students ability to access the assignment when completed.


This setting is not available for book-based assignments.

To specify student visibility to assignments once completed, follow these steps:

  1. Open the assignment Settings.

  2. In the Assignment settings, click the Visibility on Completed drop-down and choose one of the following options:

    • Read Only with Resubmit - Allows students to access the assignment in read-only mode. They can also change the status of their assignment from completed to not completed and regain full access to resubmit their work. Any assignments not limited to one attempt only can be resubmitted.

    • Read-Only - Allows students to access their assignment but cannot make changes.

    • No Access - Prevents students from accessing their assigment.

    • No Access until Grades Released Prevents students from accessing their assignment until the grades are released.

  3. Click Save Changes.