To use the LTI App, your email address in Codio and your LMS system must match exactly.

The LTI App is only for the US version of Codio. It will not work with Codio UK (

The Codio LTI App method allows for an easy way to integrate and to map Codio course assignments to your LMS system.

Please note the steps below are for implementation in Canvas. For details on other supported systems see

Video - Connect Codio to Canvas using the LTI App:

In Codio

  1. Go to your organization account settings by clicking on your user name in the bottom left of your dashboard and then selecting your organization within Organizations.

  2. Select the LTI Integrations tab.

  3. Scroll down to the LTI Integration 1.0 section. You should see the following fields. Remain on this screen for the time being.

LTI Fields

In Canvas

The Canvas user who carries out these steps must be a system administrator.

  1. Create a new Course in your LMS system. We suggest you create a test course called Codio Test Course before you do it with a production course.

  2. Select the Course.

  3. Click on Settings in the left set of options.

  4. In the top links, select Apps.

  5. Click the large button View App Configurations.

  6. Click on the View App Center button.

  1. Navigate (or filter) to find the Codio app, select and + Add App

In Codio and Canvas

  1. We will now copy the following global integration fields from Codio to Canvas.

  • LTI Consumer -> Consumer Key

  • LTI Secret -> Shared Secret

  1. and select the Add App button to confirm. You should then have something similar to this:


Course LMS URL

The Course LMS URL is used to map an LMS course to a Codio course. It ensures that Codio knows how to redirect students back to the correct course should they attempt to access the course through the Codio dashboard. If not entered and students log into Codio to try to start new assignments there will be no link for them to click to be passed to your LMS Course. The LMS user who carries out these steps does not need to be a system administrator but must have suitable privileges to edit courses and assignments.

Video - Course LMS URL:

  1. In Codio, go to the LTI/LMS tab near the top.

  2. Go to the LTI/LMS Settings section.

  3. Select Enable LTI to enable.

  4. Below this is an empty field Course LMS URL. Switch back to your LMS and make sure you are on the Home page of the course. Copy the url in the address bar of your browser to the clipboard and paste it into the above mentioned field in Codio.


Hiding not started assignments in students dashboard

Toggling Hide Not Started Assignments to on will suppress the display of assignments that haven’t been started in the student dashboard. Students will need to log into their LMS system to start new assignments. Students may not realize they need to go back to their LMS system to start a new assignment when they don’t see them in Codio. If you don’t hide assignments that haven’t been started you can use the Course LMS URL which will provide them with a link back to their LMS system to start the assignment.

Hide not started assignments

Filter learners for mentors

Enabling Filter Learners for Mentors to on will allow you to only show Mentor/Observers specific students that you wish them to see/manage in the Codio course.

To set this up, edit your LTI app as set up above or send as a custom parameter adding codio_custom_mentor_for as a custom field entering as the parameter either the students email addresses or their LMS user IDs. To enter multiple students separate with comma (‘,’)


Filter learners for mentors

If you don’t enable Filter Learners for Mentors, then mentors can see all the students in the course and access all students’ work, even those for whom they are not a mentor.

Mapping an Assignment to a Canvas Assignment

The final mapping step needs to be taken for each individual assignment within Codio. It maps a Canvas assignment to a Codio assignment.

In Canvas

  1. Make sure you are in the Courses area.

  2. Click on the Assignments link in the left hand side.

  3. Provide a name for the Assignment.

  4. Set the points for the Assignment. When the grades get passed back later, the Codio percentage score will be scaled to the points value you specify here.

  5. Scroll down and look for the Submission Type field.

Canvas Submission
  1. You should now click on the dropdown list and select External Tool.

  2. Specify the assignment using one of the two options:

  • Add by Resource Selection Preview (recommended)

    • Click the Find button.

    • Click the Codio tool.

    • Select the assignment you want to map to your course in Canvas.

  • Add by LTI Integration URL

    • Return to Codio and navigate to the course. Ensure you are in Overview mode.

    • To the right of the assignment, click the icon with 3 blue dots and select LTI Integration URL. You should copy the LTI integration url to the clipboard by clicking on the field (it will auto copy).

    • Paste the LTI Integration URL in the URL field under Enter or find an External Tool URL.

  1. Select Load This Tool In a New Tab.

  2. Click the Save and Publish button.

  3. Make sure the Canvas course is published.