Batch Groups Upload

You can upload/arrange student groups in bulk using a CSV file in assignments where Pair Programming is enabled.

To batch upload the groups, follow these steps:

  1. On the Courses page, click the course that contains the assignment you want to edit

  2. Go to Bulk Settings area and press Open Updater button from Bulk Upload Groups

  3. Select the CSV file in which you have defined all the groups details and press Upload groups button

    Select csv to batch upload the student groups

You can download the csv template file from Download Template setting present in the Group Settings area. You can update the fields as per your requirement and use that csv file to upload/arrange student groups.

The CSV contains 3 columns:

  • group_name - enter the names you want to assign to the groups like Group 1, Group 2, etc.

  • user_id - enter student’s id to whom you want to assign to that particular group

  • user_email - enter student’s email address to whom you want to assign to that particular group

One of the user_id or user_email fields is required.