Export Assignment DataΒΆ

Use this to export data related to a specific assignment. Exported data includes student workspace files, in a zip archive for each student. If students have completed the assignment there will also be a .csv file with information such as number of assessment attempts, completion date, time spent, final grade and more.

Follow these steps to export assignment data:

  1. Open the course and expand the course module.

  2. Click the Options menu (the 3 dots on the far right) for the assignment and choose Export Assignment Data.

    An email notification is sent when the data is available for download.

    The following data is included in a .csv file:

    • Student_Name

    • First_Name

    • Last_Name

    • Username

    • Hashed_ID

    • Email Address

    • Right Count

    • Wrong Count

    • Answered Assessments

    • Points/Max_points

    • Points

    • Total Points

    • Time_Spent

    • Final Grade

    • Comments

    • Teacher Grade

    • Assessments Grade

    • Script Grade

    • Grade Override

    • Extra Credit

    • Created Date

    • Completed (True/False)

    • Completed Date/Time (all instances)

and for each assessment:

  • <Assessment_Name>_Correct (True/False)

  • <Assessment_Name>_Answer

  • <Assessment_Name>_Attempts


The data is retained for a maximum of 6 months.