Notification Emails

Automatic email notifications can be set up in your courses to send emails to your students. Go to the Notifications tab in your course to create notifications. Not available for Read only teachers in the course.


Notification details

  • Not Started Assignment: you can schedule the notifications to be sent to all students in the course that have never opened the assignment that is due soon

  • Incomplete Assignment: you can schedule the notifications to be sent to all students who have started but not finished an assignment that is due soon. Students that have also not started will also be notified

  • New Feedback: the email notification will be sent when new feedback is available for the student


  • Due Date (before late penalties) where penalties deadlines are set and the End Time is set to the final date of completion, the Due Date is taken from the penalty deadline date

  • End Date is taken from the End Time set for the assignment duration

Reply to Email Address: enter an email address that students can then reply to if they have questions or require further assistance.

Notification Template

We prefill a default title name and the body text including links (in the `<<<  >>>` tags) that will assist the students.

You may edit this as you wish.

Supported tags

  • Student name `<<<student name>>>` : Students name

  • Assignment name `<<<assignment name>>>`: Assignment name

  • Course name `<<<course name>>>`: Codio course name

  • Course link `<<<course link>>>`: link to Codio course for non LTI and for LTI enabled courses the `COURSE LMS URL`

  • Assignment link `<<<assignment link>>>`: link to students project (if the project is not started then the course link as above used)

  • Feedback link `<<<feedback link>>>`: Link to assignment feedback

  • Due In `<<<due in>>>`: when the assignment is due for completion relative to current date/time

Please note: we have plans to develop this feature in the future but if you have ideas/suggestions please raise in our Feedback area