Prime Assignment ContainersΒΆ

The Prime Assignment Containers settings is useful when you have a large number of students looking to start an assignment at the same time. After enabling this setting, Codio will make the specified number of containers available for you so when your students start the assignment at the same time, the containers would have already been set up for them so when they open their assignment, their time will not be wasted in loading the assignment and also they will not face any performance issues even when thousands of students start at the same time.

Prime Assignment Options

You can specify the Start Time when you want the containers available and the Number of Students that will start the assignment at the same time.

The Start Time must be at least 4 hours in the future so Codio will have enough time to ensure that the containers are available and can be started at your specified time.


Both the Prime Assignment setting and the Pair Programming setting can not be enabled at the same time.