Add Teaching Assistant to a Course

Teaching assistants can be added to a course by sending them an invite. They can then switch between being a teacher and a student. When they are in teacher mode, they can see all the courses in which they are set as a teacher; when in student mode, they see all the courses in which they are set as a student.

Follow these steps to add a teaching assistant to a course:

  1. From the Courses page, select the course to open it.

  2. Click the Admin tab.

    Course Admin Tab
  3. In the Teachers section in the lower left pane, click Edit.

    Edit Teacher
  4. Click Add Teacher and enter the teaching assistant’s email address in the Invite Teacher box.

    Invite Teacher
  5. If you want to restrict the teaching assistant to only be able to view the course but not edit its content, check the Add this teacher as read-only check box. You can change this later by toggling the Read-Only setting. switch.

  6. Click Send Invite and click Yes on the confirmation dialog.

  7. In the Teachers section on the Admin page, click Done to save your changes.

Enable teaching assistant to be a student in course

To enable a teaching assistant to be a student in a course, copy the Student Invite URL on the course Admin page and send it to your TA. The TA can paste it into a browser and they will be added to the course as a student.