Environment Variables

Environment Variables allow you to set your own environment variables in your projects. You access the Environment Variables from your project by going to Codio > Preferences > Environment Variables on the menu bar. Once set they are available in all your projects. The variables are not passed to students assignments in Courses.

  • When adding and saving, the project needs to be restarted (Project > Restart Box) for the new variables to be available.

Student Assignments

As mentioned above, any variables instructors set in assignments are not inherited by students in their course assignments. Environment Variables can be used within Secure Scripts but your students will need to manually create the necessary variables themselves in their assignment.

If a student is working with an API across a number of assignments, they can set up the environment variables once and have it propagate to all their projects without having to manually add keys to each new assignment.


Be aware that if you change the HOME variable you are changing the entry point for profile and it could adversely affect the user variables. If you do change this variable, it is your responsibility how environment will behave after that.