View Organization MembersΒΆ

You can view all members of your organization from the Members tab on the Organization page. Follow these steps to view all members:

  1. Click your profile icon in the lower left corner of the screen.

  2. In the Organizations area, click the name of your organization.

    My Organizations
  3. Click the Members tab.

  4. Click All Members to see everyone who is a member of your organization.

    All Members

    You can also view members by the group to which they belong (Owners, Test Students, Teachers, Students, and Users without course).

  • Owners - Users with the Admin role.

  • Test Students - Demo student accounts created with your organization.

  • Teachers - Instructors who have registered with your organization. You can also set a teacher account to read only where they only have access to courses in Teaching mode; they cannot add, edit, or delete any content in a course.

    To set a teacher as read only, toggle the Course editor setting to enable it.

    Read-Only Teacher
  • Students - Students who have registered for courses in your organization.

  • Users without course - All users that are not members of a course as a result of a course being deleted or because a new user has joined your organization but is not yet a Teacher or a Student in a course.

To remove a user in this group from your organization, check the check box and click Remove Selected.

Removing Users without Course


Removing users from your organization does not delete their Codio account. Only the account owner can delete users.